The Spring is here… H&B tips and products

The spring is here … Generally with the change your season it’s about matching your moisturizer and makeup with the condition of your skin during that time. No matter what kind of skin you have 🙂 Is it going to be dry? oily? combination? Our natural beauty tips cover all your beauty needs from scrubs, moisteners, face masks, hands,  lips – you name we have covered them all.

  • Hydration and exfoliation are the keys to smoother skin for spring. Slough off  dry skin cells with a gentle exfoliator like H&B Mineral Scrub Mask (Item 114,115), or The unique Peeling Gel which combine Apricot seeds and is also ideal for problematic skin, since apricot kernel scrubbing particles do not injure the skin. They also contain plant extracts, Evening Primrose oil, essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6, Aloe Vera, Chamomile extract & Dead Sea minerals.


  • Rebuild your skin’s outer layer with a barrier repair moisturizer such as Oil free (Item# 105), Multi Vitamin Moisturizer (Item # 1106) or the Powerful Anti-Wrinkle Cream (Item # 1107) which boosts hydration , reduces water loss. Don’t forget to use the one with the sunscreen  — SPF 20 or higher and only than add the right for you makeup.


  • The easier and more convenient option is to use a combination of moisturizer with makeup and use the BB Cream. Our BB Creams (Items 174-Light, 175-Medium) instantly smooth, brighten, protect and even skin tone while providing 24-hour hydration.BB creams are an absolute lifesaver. Not only do they have multiple benefits for your complexion but they’re real multi-taskers — meaning you’ll save time and room in your make-up bag. The BB cream  nourishes the skin with moisture enriched with vitamin E  +Aloe Vera and  Dead Sea minerals. It has Sun protection SPF-30 – today’s must for healthy complexion.Evens skin tone-contains tinted ingredients to help blur the pores and to  reduce  the appearance of imperfections. Suitable for light or medium to dark skin tones. Great for natural and matt look and paraben free. The Cream has a convenient size, easy to carry for retouches during all day long in every women’s bag.


  • Don’t forget your lips. When our lips are dry, we feel the need to cover them with something. In the absence of chap-stick, lipstick, or lip gloss, we have a tendency to lick them. While it provides immediate relief, it is actually doing more harm than good. The enzymes in saliva cause them to become more dry and cracked. You are working against yourself! A better alternative is to stock up on lip balm and use it! This creates a barrier between your lip membranes and the outside air and works to seal the moisture in.H&B Lip Balms (Items 128,1281,130) in the flavors of cherry, strawberry and meant can be your perfect lips protector.


  • Weather is warming up and automatically, we forget our hands … Hand Protection is very important in spring and summer times and you should not forget it. Put the hand cream into your bag and apply it at least twice a day … specially after good, spring cleaning of your house or working in the garden. Our skin is a major organ, and do you know that 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. That’s why our hand cream must be choosen carefully. H&B Intensive black mud hands and nails cream (Items # 2040,2052 ) is enriched with magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and iron, which are highly essential to maintain a healthy skin. The Mud’s qualities were proved to have the ability to relieve irritation, dryness, roughness, redness and cracks.
             Have a wonderful spring season!