Now you can order our Moisture rich shower creams in the smaller size of 400ml

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We are back to fill in and distribute our Moisture rich shower creams  in the  flavors :  Obliphicha (item 297), Olive Oil (Item 298), Pomegranates (1294) and Lavender  (2975) which are sold successfully in the size of 780ml


Starting now you can order the same products in the smaller size of 400ml

Our shower creams are enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea and a high concentration of Obliphicha  (Sea Buckthorn), Olive Oil, Lavender , Pomegranates to provide the skin soothing and nourish effect.

Lathering the soaps, enriched with a complex of natural ingredients such as Olive oil, Honey, Grape seed oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil and Aloe Vera to increase relaxation while bathing.

Daily use of this shower cream will cleanse the skin thoroughly, soften it and contribute to its rejuvenation.