Beauty Treatments for Men

Our friends at – The Beauty Network from the UK claim that beauty treatments are not women’s exclusive territory no more and that more and more men open up to improving their overall look. If you’re looking to enhance your appearance, this is definitely a good place to start.

Staying Young In The Sun!

We all love sunshine, especially in Ireland were it’s a rare occurrence! Ireland is a happier, more beautiful place when the sun shines and we are all guilty – myself included – of rushing out half naked as soon as the sun makes an appearance. But, how many of us really take care of our…

The Blow Dry

The hair-styling looks change with the season. Getting a new look to last a couple days or a couple hours begins with the blow-dry. Whether you blow dry daily or every couple of days keeping a healthy beautiful head of hair and using the proper technique can make all the difference. Balancing beautiful hair and…

" For Shiny Legs That Aren't Shiny Enough,
Blend a drop of baby oil into your regular body lotion for extra luster. "Nadeen Ma’ayeh - Ecart Ltd & Nadeen Beauty Magazine, Jordan

Start The Countdown!

We are extremely excited to start the countdown for H&B Magazine – a unique, online international Health and Beauty magazine which will feature experts and bloggers from all over the world. The first issue will be published tomorrow, July 4th, at 12:00PM (GMT + 3:00). In the meantime, feel free to follow H&B on the…