H&B’s Mud Shampoo in ELLE Magazine!

We were extremely excited to hear that ELLE Magazine chose to include H&B’s Treatment Mud Shampoo for Hair and Scalp in their article on Hair problems and solutions. The article can be found in the magazine’s latest issue of May 2014. Here’s a translation to the part on our shampoo, courtesy of Petra Moravkova from…

H&B Will Be On The Radio THIS TUESDAY!

We are super stoked about this one! The International radio host, Ms. Charlotte Howard from SC USA will be hosting Orly Levin from H&B’s International Department crew THIS TUESDAY to talk about all the Health and Beauty secrets to make YOU feel beautiful inside out! For more details and link to the broadcast – Don’t…

Nighty Night Skin Care

Living the busy, incredibly hectic everyday life tends to take its toll on every one of us. We tend to get cranky, upset, impatient, in need for a breather, and that comfy sofa or warm bed, which are patiently waiting for your arrival at the end of the day, are all you can think about…

The Countless Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Dead Sea holds many holistic advantages for your skin, thanks to the combination of the therapeutic minerals and the optimal weather conditions, which is why it’s been known worldwide as the world’s largest natural SPA resort. Its Black Mud works wonders on your skin, making it top ingredient in facial treatments – and the…

Product Review By Tara Bubb – UK

Remember Tara? She was among the lucky beauty bloggers who received a few of H&B’s products for a review. Last week she reviewed our fabulous Multi Vitamin Treatment Hands & Nails Cream. This week, she picked the Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum. Click the link icon to check out her review on Tara’s Treats!

Skin Care Tips for Intercontinental Flights

Imagine this scenario: You’re arriving to the airport, with your hair and makeup done to perfection, the perfect comfortable outfit, looking and feeling like a movie star, at your very best mood. You check in, go through security and customs, do some last minute shopping for your fav magazine, snack and cup of Joe, and,…

Product Review by Charlie Maye – UK

The reviews just keep on coming! If you ever thought of trying out H&B’s Treatment Mud Shampoo & Hair Mask, but weren’t sure about it, here’s a great review by Dolled Up Beauty blogger Charlie Maye from the UK which will make all your doubts and second thoughts disappear! Just click the link icon!

Product Review by Tara Bubb

Beauty Blogger Tara Bubb from the UK is one of the selected group of individuals whom we’ve sent our products to for a review. Her Favorite item was the Multi Vitamin Treatment Hands & Nails Cream. Click the link icon to check out her thoughts on Tara’s Treats.

Product Review by Yekaterina Ivankova – Italy

A couple of weeks ago, we asked a selected group of talented individuals to review a couple of H&B’s favorites. We recently received the feedback from Ms. Yekaterina Ivankova, along with a couple of original artworks with our products, whom we previously featured on our special Polimoda/Milan Fashion Week issue. Here’s what she had to say…

Indulge Your Skin With The Ultimate Good Night

Up until now, We only had one kind of night cream, the highly recommended and one of H&B’s bestsellers Firming Night Cream. After receiving plenty of feedback and requests to expend our night-time skin care range, we decided to comply with the demand and create two marvelous night creams: The Intensive Collagen Night Cream and the Pomegranates…

Product Review By Avyn Omel – Italy

We’ve recently sent a selected group of most talented individuals a couple of our H&B’s favorites, and asked them to review one, two or all items for us in return. One of them is Ms. Avyn Omel who previously participated in H&B Magazine on our special Polimoda/Milan Fashion Week issue. Here’s her review:

Top 5 Vitamins For Your Skin

It is a known fact that vitamins are essential for our health, but most of us don’t know how important they are for keeping your skin’s health and vitality. Introducing the top 5 vitamins for your skin, arranged alphabetically, here’s the whats, the whys and there wheres:

" I like your products so much, and the smell is good. "Regina Duvekot from Modi`in, Israel

" Your products are AWESOME!!! "Martina Filipova from Sofia, Bulgaria

New! Intensive Collagen Night Cream

New night cream by H&B – Intensive Collagen Night Cream! Help your facial skin to recover from the environmental damages accumulated during the day and firm up while you’re asleep and feel significantly rejuvenated once you wake up. Click the link for details!

Product Review by Nadia & Zehra

We’ve sent a small package of H&B’s goodies to a selected group of talented people from all over the world – Including Polimoda Intl Institute of Fashion Design’s graduates, whom we proudly featured in the magazine, the colorful twin sisters Nadia and Zehra Mustafa from The UK. Click the link to read their review!

" I tried the firming peel, purifying mud mask and the anti wrinkle cream and it worked wonders...I am definitely continuing the use of this product. Thank you. "Sonia Camilla Johnson, from Caroni, Trinidad And Tobago

Skin Care’s Biggest No-Noes!

In order to prove effective in the longer run, skin care is a never ending project. Just doing it once, twice or 10 times aren’t going to cut it, you have to keep on caring for your skin, or otherwise the results would be as if you didn’t start at all. Also, you need to…

H&B’s Weekly Beauty Face Off has Begun!

We’ve are challenging two H&B’s best sellers – The Anti–Aging Obliphicha Cream SPF20 and The Soapless Face Peeling with Glycerin Orange Oil & Vitamin E. Which one is your morning essential you absolutely can’t start your day without? The mandatory day cream or the ultimate facial cleanser? click to vote!!