H&B Suntan Oils- improve your tan

H&B Coconut, Nut and Carrot Suntan Oils are enriched with Dead Sea minerals and vitamins and accelerate your skin.

Besides giving a tanned look, tanning oil should nourish the skin as well. During tanning, the skin remains exposed to strong sunlight and there are many chances of it being harmed by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The stable, saturated fats of coconut oil are similarly present in coconut tanning oil and it cuts down this damage to a great extent by forming a protective layer on the skin. Oil is very easily absorbed into the skin and makes the tanning ingredients present in it activate the melanin below the skin quicker and thus creates that highly desirable tanned look in a shorter exposure time.

Use according to the instructions for use . Do not use if sensative to sun any of the ingredients.