ALoe Vera – the “wonder plant” for health and beauty

Aloe Barbadensis or Aloe Vera, described as a “wonder plant,” is a genus that contains more than 500 species of flowering succulent plants. Many Aloes occur naturally in North Africa. Aloe Vera, is a succulent plant which offers many benefits and is suited for all skin types, especially dry, damaged, broken, sensitive and irritated skin….

Argan Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

The Argan Oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree’s fruit, originated in Morocco.  It contains several beneficial lipids and fatty acids for skin, and is also a good source of vitamin E and antioxidant compounds. The Argan Oil is famous for treating damaged hair due to its ability to penetrate the pores…

Planning a Trip to the Dead Sea?

Without a doubt, As one of the world’s largest natural SPA spots, the Dead Sea is definitely a place to go to at least once. The holistic virtues of the Dead Sea water and mud, the fantastic weather year-round, the magnificent nature surrounding the lake and the fact there is no other place like it,…

Top 5 Vitamins For Your Skin

It is a known fact that vitamins are essential for our health, but most of us don’t know how important they are for keeping your skin’s health and vitality. Introducing the top 5 vitamins for your skin, arranged alphabetically, here’s the whats, the whys and there wheres: