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H&B Magazine was formulated and developed by H&B Health and Beauty Ltd’s International Commerce Department. Our department markets the company’s brand top quality hair, body and skin care cosmetics based on the world famous Dead Sea minerals. After years of experience in the industry, we decided it is high time to open up and share the “behind the scenes” of the company by starting a company’s blog – that initial idea quickly developed to a magazine.

The magazine is a brand new concept in the editorial world. Its primary goal is to become the focal point for anyone who’s interested to look and feel better, and open their minds to new ideas, thoughts and cultures wherever Health and Beauty are concerned. The magazine offers new, fresh and different angles on Health and Beauty, brought to you by make-up artists, hair styling professionals, skin care experts, fashion designers and stylists, nutritionists, trainers and health and beauty bloggers from all over the world.

We are all happy to have you here and hope you’ll enjoy your stay! Do contact us and let us know whether there is a specific topic you’d like our writers to cover in future issues.

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Editorial’s note:
We cherish our writers work and take pride in their creativity and efforts to provide you with a portion of their expertise.
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