Coming Soon – Foaming Mud Sorbet Scrub

A new advanced formula which will take you a step ahead into the new generation of skin care. This ultra-rich scrub removes the day’s impurities, leaving skin clean and hydrated. Pampering and revitalizing treatment for removal of dead skin cells and skin rejuvenation, for soft, smooth, supple and velvety skin.  A mixture of antioxidants aromatic…


New product – Moisturizing & Relaxing Facial Mask

Facial skin becomes dry as a result of heat, cold, low humidity, air- conditioned areas, weather and environmental conditions. Intensive moisturizing is the treatment to correct damages, prevent wrinkles and return skin elasticity, glow and vitality. This Moisturizing & Relaxing Facial Mask nourishes and provides intensive treatment to face and neck skin. The mask is…


PSO skin relief cream – Now in a New packaging

The same High quality product in a new size and packaging at a better price! Best value for money!  H&B Psoriasis skin Relief Cream, a unique, natural and fast absorbing cream enriched with herbal extracts aiming to calm the skin and relieve numerous skin problems such as irritation and itching, rash, extreme dryness followed by cracks, scales…

" I am a former brick and mortar bakery owner, and after all the years of blowing our my knees and elbows, have finally settled into an online presence instead.
I was introduced to your excellent line of products by my daughter's mother-in-law, who has been a flight attendant for 40 years! She has access to the highest quality products from all over the world- and she only uses and gives H&B Dead Sea products as gifts exclusively! As a result of her generosity, our family has now fallen in love with your line as well, and would like to make it the exclusive health and beauty product line we offer.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful product line! "Laura, H&B costumer

Sensual Body Lotion-01

New Product – Sensual Body Lotion

The spring is almost here and we are happy to launch the new improved sensual body lotion. This product will replace the old anti aging body cream (items 207+208+209+210) And also items 230+231+232+233+2300. Sensual Body Lotion A unique body lotion based on a revolutionary formula, with a rich and non-oily texture which is immediately absorbed…


New Products – Multi-Vitamin Capsules

Multi-Vitamin Capsules for Face - Item No. 176 A unique and innovative formula that includes various active components for maximum effectiveness, skin smoothing and collagen support. A daily intensive anti-aging treatment for mature skin that efficiently handles the effects of aging and restores natural glow, moisture and elasticity. Capsules contain hyaluronic acid, collagen and rose hip…

Health & Beauty cosmetics at Golden Apple

Launching of Health & Beauty cosmetics at Golden Apple - The known chain cosmetics stores in Russia. Запуск магазина косметической продукции HB Health&Beauty в сети магазинов эксклюзивной косметики Golden Apple в России.


Dual – Phase Eye & Lips Makeup Remover.

Dual – Phase Eye & Lips Makeup Remover Enriched with Vitamin E. 250 ml – Item #1222 Shake it and make the Dual – Phase  Magic . The product is made of a Dual-Phase formula which removes all types of makeup including water resistant makeup. The upper phase- the white color contains vitamins E + B5 and delicate silicones that…



BB Cream – Mineral Skin Perfector SPF-30 Light – 80ml – Item #174 Medium – 80ml – Item #175 For women of all ages and all skin types. The innovative BB cream becomes the skin’s best friend. It provides special needed care in one instant application. –  Nourishes the skin with moisture enriched with vitamin…

new multi serum-01

New packaging for Item #126 – New bottle shape, better pump

Anti-Wrinkle Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum – Item #126 We changed the shape of the bottle and the pump of this unique and well-loved revolutionary Anti-Wrinkle Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum to match the high quality of it and make it convenient  to use, A light pressure on the pump will easily release the   desired amount of the serum….

BB soon-01

Coming soon!

Developing new beauty products is one of the most exciting processes at Health & Beauty a task we experience every day: Choosing the right products that will become part of our current successful line. Integrating new technology with new resources. Answer the needs of today’s younger consumers and yet answer the needs of all group…


New Samples

H&B is proud to introduce the NEW Sachets–Samples which gives customers the opportunity to test a product before investing in buying a big one, it also allows the seller to give a sample as an incentive bonus to a customer that never bought this product before. The New Samples are for the following products: Item…

New Euro Products and Item Numbers

We would like to inform all of our distributors that you can now order the following products in euro versions with writing in English, French and on most of them also Spanish: EU#1101 (101), EU#1102 (102), EU#1103 (103), EU#1104 (104), EU#1106 (106), EU#1107 (107), EU#1108 (108), EU#1082 (1080), EU#1083 (1081), EU#1109 (109), EU#1111 (111), EU#1120…


Argan Oil Hand and Foot Creams

Multi-Vitamin Treatment Hands & Nails Cream enriched with Argan Oil (100ml,180ml | Item No : 2041,2051) A professional treatment cream with a rich, non-oily texture made especially for your hands and fingernails, highly enriched with Aragn Oil which helps softening your skin and fights off dryness, sores and chapped skin. It covers the upper layer of the…


Argan Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

The Argan Oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree’s fruit, originated in Morocco.  It contains several beneficial lipids and fatty acids for skin, and is also a good source of vitamin E and antioxidant compounds. The Argan Oil is famous for treating damaged hair due to its ability to penetrate the pores…

keratin serum-01

New Keratin Hair Products

As part of our new Keratin Hair Care Line we added 2 new products: Keratin Hair Serum for Smoothed Hair (50ml | Item No. 308) The Keratin serum is designed for hair that is smoothed by all smoothing methods and for hair that is heat designed by hair dryer or ceramic hair straightener. It increases…